Brick Lining and Tiling


ACORTEC provides application
of Brick Lining and Tiling.


Bricks and tiles will be used for:


  • Protection against chemical, mechanical and thermal stresses.

  • Additional protection of coated or lined surfaces.

  • Main materials: mortars and ceramic / carbon tiles and bricks.

Clients – Industries are:

  • process vessels in chemical industry
  • pulp and paper industry
  • steel industry
  • food industry
  • floor areas exposed to severe mechanical or chemical stresses



Acid Proof Materials:

  • Ceramic/Carbon tiles
  • Ceramic/Carbon bricks
  • Moulded ceramic bricks, foundation slabs, etc.
  • For loads caused by hydrofluoric acid or lye silicate-free materials (e.g. carbon or graphite bricks and tiles) are used



Mortars for Brick Linings:

  • The semi-finished product (tiles, bricks) can be laid by bedding and jointing (filled joints) or simply by bedding (empty joints). If the tiles/bricks are laid by bedding the vertical joints can be filled using a mortar based on a different material.

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