Rubber Lining


ACORTEC provides application of on-site rubber lining with...


pre-vulcanized soft rubber based on high-quality rubber types and mixtures that cover a great diversity of applications in environmental protection and in the process industries. ACORTEC supplies these pre-vulcanised rubber lining systems complete with a bonding layer, which enables them to be used on all steel or concrete substrates.An outstanding is their extremely high chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance. They are applied with the proven two-component bonding systems in a cold-curing process.



self-vulcanizing soft rubber lining systems are suitable for use in environmental protection and in process industries where the greatest chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance is demanded. The bonding systems enable their use at operating temperatures of up to 120° C. These bonding systems are distinguished by their great bond strength. According to their formulation self-vulcanizing soft rubber linings vulcanize at ambient temperature after being applied at the construction site.



Non-vulcanised  hard rubber lining systems (steam or water) are based on high-quality synthetic and natural rubbers of the most advanced kind. They are suitable for applications in the process industry at temperatures of up to 125° C. After application, the hard rubber lining systems are vulcanised in the autoclave, although special formulations of some materials allow on-site vulcanisation with hot water or steam.


The rubber lining systems used are based on various types of caoutchouc, e.g. Chloroprene (CR), Bromobutyl (BIIR), Natural Rubber (NR) and many more.


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