Tape Wrapping


Petrolatum Tape has been used for 90 years and remains one of the most well-known and trusted products in the corrosion prevention industry. Versatile, easy to use, surface tolerant and long-lasting, it can be used as an effective solution to a multitude of corrosion prevention problems. A full range of high-performance Petrolatum Tapes are available for specialized applications for above ground, below ground, and underwater protection to pipelines, fittings, tank bases, steel structures and much more. Petrolatum wax tape wrap systems require minimal surface preparation and can easily be applied by hand or Tape wrapping machine.




Petrolatum Tape with filler for flange joint protection for buried surfaces:


Petrolatum based mastic filler is used for filling cavities (gaps between flange plates, nuts & bolts etc.) and smoothing uneven surfaces on buried pipeline components like flanges and fittings. This reliably prevents cavities and forms a complete corrosion prevention coating. It is applied by hand or using a spatula to the surface to be coated and then petrolatum tape is applied.  On top of petrolatum tape, Non-woven rockshield (made from polypropylene fibres) is applied to provide additional mechanical protection for corrosion prevention coatings on steel and cast iron pipelines, plastic pipes and plastic jacket pipes.

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